Call for Papers

RUSKIN REDUX | Spring 2016

Deadline for submission: February 2, 2015

The spring 2016 issue of Change Over Time is planned on the preservation ideas and practice of John Ruskin. This is a preliminary call for two responses: (1) suggestions of articles and topics that might be taken up; and (2) for an anthology of Ruskin’s relevant writings which COT will offer. This last is intended as a collection of Ruskin’s remarks on preservation, excluding the most obvious piece on “The Lamp of Memory”: letters, diaries, other writings, whether in fragments or larger passages (please give us references). The editor will gather these and organize them, with proper acknowledgment of suggestions made, in an effort to collect and present a compendium of Ruskin’s remarks on this topic as an eminently usable tool for reference.  This would complement not only the Cook and Wedderburn edition of Ruskin’s writing, but of the considerable publication of materials since his death. Submittal inquiries may be sent to John Dixon Hunt (, guest editor.


Articles are generally restricted to 7,500 or fewer words (the approximate equivalent to thirty pages of double-spaced, twelve-point type) and may include up to ten images. See author guidelines for full details, or email Meredith Keller at for further information.